LMT and New Jewellery!

Hi all, just letting you know that I am now a licensed Massage Therapist. If you would like a session, please contact me. I offer Swedish, Cranial Sacral, Acupressure, Reiki Combination and Aromatherapy and skin care. Check out our tattoo balm! Also, new jewellery coming soon!



New Article on Tuning Forks and Sound Healing

Hi all, I’ve just had a new article published in The Echo World Magazine. It’s about tuning forks.

Here’s the link: http://www.theechoworld.com/Magazine/magazine.html


The set I use most is a color-coded set that matches the chakras. These are weighted body tuners. You strike the weighted end and place the narrow end on the body. The sound resonates and creates a feeling of relaxation and harmony.

I’ve been using these for awhile and have had good results with them. They are especially helpful with sleep issues, stress and even pain management.


I find they help during a Reiki session to help amplify the energy. Read the article to find out more information and as always, feel free to email me if you’d like to have an in-person Reiki session or a distance session.


I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! It’s my favorite time of year.


I just went to our local Lavender farm the other day with Rog and a good friend who had never been. Is there anything better than smelling fresh cut lavender? There was a storm and a deluge which sent us running for the nearby wine tasting shop. We sat under the tin roof listening to the rain and then as it stopped, the air was filled with the most incredible scent.





New Article on Handmade Salve

I just published a new article in The Echo World magazine on how to make your own salve. I will include the link below. It’s a great product. I use it all the time and I also sell if if you want to buy some. I ship anywhere in the U.S.

I know that salve seems more like a winter product but I use it year round. It’s great for dry skin, sensitive skin and for people who just don’t want to use artificial stuff on their skin. I use Olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and other totally natural ingredients. Try it, if you don’t want to buy it, it’s fun to make yourself.

Also, it’s the best thing I’ve found for tattoos. It’s soothing without being greasy. It also brings out the colors and keeps the skin soft.





I also infuse the products with Reiki energy before I sell them. It really does seem to help.



This is the salve before it cools.20160225_135608.jpg

Have a wonderful week! Spring is here and well, actually, it feels more like summer now.




I’ve probably talked about this before but I am a Reiki practitioner. I got into Reiki when I was trying to heal from an autoimmune condition and I had amazing results. I ended up taking classes and over a period of four years, did all the required work for all levels including master/teacher.

I’ve just been featured in a local magazine with an article I co-wrote on Tandem Reiki with a fellow practitioner.

Check out the article here if you’d like to know more about Tandem Reiki.




You can also check out my website to see what I offer in terms of treatments and services.




Reiki is great for stress management and helping your body to heal itself. I’m posting my information below. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more about Reiki. I have a short document I can email you that goes over the basics. If you are in the Virginia area, I’m taking new clients so feel free to email, text or even ‘gasp’ call on the phone.


Have a wonderful week! Spring is right around the corner!






Spring is coming!

Can you feel it?


Well, technically I can’t really feel it yet because it’s still February and with my seasonal depression it is usually the end of March before I finally come out of the sluggish fuzzy brain haze that saps my energy and will.

Still, I am hopeful!


I am dreaming of warm weather. Wait, it’s not a dream because it’s 78 degrees in Virginia today. The window is open and I love it. It does feel a bit weird though. My sluggish brain is having trouble computing all this warmth. The trees outside are starting to bud and the birds are all singing.


I’m starting to remember past trips like this one to the Cape in South Africa. The memory feels vivid and happy and not as far away and muffled as it was in January.


So if you are like me, just remember that Spring is just around the corner. Be good to yourself. You are the only you you have.



Writers Block?

I have been “working” on the latest book in the Closet Door series for two years. At first I blamed it on moving to South Africa and having that fantastic view. People told me to turn my computer away from the ocean view. As if I could do such a thing…

But now we are back. First we went to New Mexico for a few months. I wanted so much to like it. I really tried. It was beautiful, just expensive. We ended up in a one room Casita which was nice but I couldn’t concentrate on writing at all.


Everyone said that it was one of the rainiest springs ever. All the wild cactus were in bloom. That was pretty spectacular. I’m from Virginia so even the rainiest weather there is still dry as hell to me. I watched as the rainstorms would end and the water would just evaporate instantly. A mist would rise up and the pavement, tables, chairs, anything outside would be completely dry again.


So the contrast from the beach to the desert was too strange and harsh.



So we came back to Virginia. I have no excuse not to write but I have not been able to write like I used to.


I am still processing my time in South Africa.


I think maybe I have just moved around too much and am having a hard time figuring out where in the world to be.


Maybe I’ll write novels again. Maybe not. I’ve been working on a Reiki One manual so that I can teach classes. It’s a different kind of writing but still writing.




Awesome Pottery Studio For Sale

Note: It’s sold beautiful people.




Hi all, I just wanted to mention something here on this site since it will be a great thing for the right person. My Husband and I are selling our pottery studio. It is in a really cool place known as Yogaville. If you haven’t heard of Yogaville, Google it, it’s a very interesting place. It’s located in Virginia.


Beautifully built Studio on over three acres of land

This lovely studio is situated in the heart of Yogaville. It offers privacy, surrounded by woods but is also walking distance to all the venues at Yogaville, including meditation Hall, dining Hall, dorms and more.

This property is unique and will need the right person. The building is stick built, slab construction. However, there is no well and septic. When we built it, we lived in the house nearby. It has been perked for a septic system and there is also another building site on the property. This is perfect for someone who knows construction and can add a bathroom and the well and septic or for someone who wants to get creative by installing composting toilets and other off the grid measures.


There is electric. The building is fully wired and lighted. There is also a wood stove and propane heat.

Here is a link to my author page. I’ve posted a video of the studio if you’d like to take a look. Email me at shariandbodie@gmail.com if you’d like more information. It’s a really nice place for a really good price. This would make a great starter home for someone wanting to live out in the country and yet be near a spiritual community. It is located in Buckingham Virginia. Walking distance to Yogaville.





Wyatt and other Books

If you’ve read Behind the Closet Door and Blood Brothers, you’ll enjoy Wyatt. As the third installment of the series, Wyatt delves into the lives of Rex Roland and Henry Peterson. Wyatt is grown now and is searching for answers. Here’s an excerpt.

Wyatt sat by the edge of the creek on a large boulder
watching the trout. They were just out of reach, their
spotty sides shimmering in the afternoon sunlight. He was
distracted and a bit disappointed that his work had
followed him out here, and on such a beautiful day.
Wyatt was thinking about his name at the moment. He
realized that he didn’t hate it the way he used to. A leaf
fell into the water and circled around like a little boat
caught in a storm. He cast his line and the fish scattered.
He chuckled and went back to his thoughts.
His name had been difficult for him to accept because
of where it came from. When he was a boy, he’d gone on
a search for the truth about his past. It seemed strange to
dislike something that was such an integral part of who he
was. “What’s in a name?” he said and looked thoughtfully
at the water. If not for his past, he probably wouldn’t have
given it a second thought. It defined him, even though
most new age gospel would have said you shouldn’t let it.
Wyatt figured anyone who ate tofu couldn’t be trusted
He was working on a new case and it wasn’t going
well. He’d had three recent successes and at twenty-three,
he had been gearing up for a promotion. Instead, he got a


If you haven’t read the first two, here’s an excerpt.

Henry stood gazing at the closed door, his shoulders
hunched as though an invisible weight pushed them
forward. His day had been quiet before this. He had been
in a stupor because of the rain. It had been pouring
buckets for days on end. He wondered if he should start
building an ark. This thought made him chuckle, the
corners of his mouth turning slightly upward, making him
appear quite handsome for a moment.
Henry was not usually noticed, a smile on his face a
rarity. He was twenty-four and had lived a nearly invisible
life in Lakeland for the past six years. His apartment was
nice enough, a little run down perhaps. His parents had
been middle class but they were gone now. He had no
other relatives so there was no one left to criticize his
living arrangements.
The door led into a closet. It was a standard walk in,
not big by any means, but large enough to store boxes.
There were hangers for his clothes and a bit of extra room
to spare. Henry’s was a closet filled with the typical items

for day-to-day living, as well as boxes of books and other
bric-a-brac left over from a time in his life that was best
left forgotten.
It was a closet in which his girlfriend stood, on the
wrong side of the door, clawing and scratching wildly.
This made him smile, broadly this time. He was not used
to this kind of attention. No, his girlfriend had barely
noticed him these last few weeks, but now she was
shouting his name to the rafters. Some of the words were
unpleasant, but he was starting to think that the tradeoff
might be worth it.

BehindThe ClosetDoor-WEB (5)

Here’s a blurb for the second book in the series, Blood Brothers.

Henry Peterson is trying to change his ways. After his escape from the nightmare he created in Virginia, He is turning over a new leaf. After committing one last crime as a favor to Rex Roland, he heads to Florida.

He meets a pretty girl named Shelby and they hit it off. He’s happy for the first time in ages and relieved that his tortured past is staying in the basement where it belongs. The sunny weather, Shelby’s friendship and her dog Misty, all seem to help Henry become a better person and keep his inner demons at bay. The voices have stopped as well as most of the nightmares.

Wyatt Courtland is an eleven-year-old boy on the run. He’s on a quest to find the brother that doesn’t even know he exists. Wyatt has always carried the burden of rumors and speculation that his Dad is somehow tied up with Tom Willin who later changed his name to Henry Peterson. Finally, his Dad admits that Henry and Wyatt are brothers. Wyatt is an extraordinary boy whose lucid dreams sometimes predict the future. He uses these dreams to help him find the person he thinks will lead him to Henry, ex-cop Rex Roland.


Featured writer this month

I’ve been featured again this month in Aneis De Vida magazine. But, before you read my latest essay, check out the essay I did for the December issue called “Fed a Strange Baby an Orange. It’s a funny slice of life story. Y’all will enjoy it. Here’s the link.