Behind the Closet Door

Check out my new book, Behind the Closet Door. The sequel is almost finished and I’m looking forward to getting the whole series out soon. Blurb below. Cheers, Shari
Henry Peterson is having a bad week. Trouble at work and the ceaseless rain are starting to get to him. When Henry is jilted by his girlfriend, Michelle, on the night of their anniversary, he overreacts in a way he never dreamed.

 Her sister Marilyn has always suspected that Henry is not the perfect boyfriend. His excuses are plausible but his manner becomes more erratic. He finds himself doing things he never imagined to keep the girl of his dreams from slipping away from him.

Henry’s problems are just beginning when Officer Rex Roland comes to town. Rex isn’t your ordinary cop. Henry’s descent into darkness helps him recognize a kindred soul. Desperate to keep his twisted reality a secret, he will stop at nothing to keep Michelle right where he wants her. But even Henry can’t predict how deep the descent will be.Image