June first Blood Brothers book launch

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that the sequel to Behind the Closet Door is coming out tomorrow. My publisher wingsepress.com will have the e-book format. By the end of June there will be paperbacks and also listing on Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com

If you haven’t read the first book, here’s a review:

Behind the Closet Door


Henry wants to be with someone. That someone doesn’t want to be with him. That’s a problem. Under the backdrop of a never-ending rainfall, Henry takes matters into his own hands, imprisoning the love of his life, Michelle, inside a closet and spending every second afterwards, contemplating what to do next.

When I first read the premise, I wasn’t sure how the author was going to get an entire story out of this and keep me interested for the duration. After reading the story however, I can say that I was blown away. The author really allowed her imagination to run wild and as a result, we not only descend into Henry’s mania with him, we actually become Henry. We see what he sees. We hear what he hears. We suspect what he suspects. That connection allowed me to share Henry’s fears and apprehension. It was uncomfortable: knowing there was something, eating away, both pushing us away from the closet door and pulling us towards it. The author did a great job of using time as a character. You could feel the clock ticking with each scene, barreling toward a conclusion you were never really sure you were ready for.

The descriptions in this book were alive and written with smartly chosen language. I felt that it was important for this type of story to have stunning details, and I wasn’t disappointed. When the author takes us inside Henry’s mind, it’s a wild, chilling journey. The dark places she took us to, are rarely touched on without being overly gratuitous. Ms. Rood is a writer that knows when to push, when to tease and when to yell “cut!”

The book was also written from the POV of a small town deputy named Rex. To be honest, I could have used a bit more of Rex. I liked his character and either by sheer volume of words or by stylistic choice, Henry’s narrative overshadowed Rex’s so much that it sort of made it hard for me to get back into Rex’s storyline and left me with a feeling of overall imbalance. I think there was more for Rex to do and tell.

As the story thunders toward the climax, you get the sense that nothing is what it seems and that the tension is about to boil over. The author leads us right up to several possibilities and keeps us guessing as to exactly how Henry’s ordeal is going to play out. There was nothing predictable about this story. All at once, it was intriguing, inviting and uncomfortable. And if you love good dialogue, the exchanges between Henry and his captive, Michelle from the other side of the door, will be appreciated.

Overall, I’d recommend this book to any fan of the genre. Author Shari Rood is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. (Larey Batz, author, reviewer)

What is the sequel about you say? Here’s a blurb:

Henry Peterson is trying to change his ways. After his escape from the nightmare he created in Virginia, he is turning over a new leaf in Florida. He meets the vivacious Shelby Taylor and he thinks he may have found the latest girl of his dreams. When she disappears, he goes on a frantic search for her that leads him halfway across the country, deep into a snowy winter storm. Can Henry find her and, perhaps more important, can Henry keep his sanity as the weather closes in around him?

Rex Roland is minding his own business when a boy claiming to be Henry’s brother shows up. At first he thinks it’s an opportunity to get into an old pal’s good graces but as things go bad, Rex soon realizes that helping the boy might be just another disappointment.