Blood Brothers is available on Amazon!

First of all, greeting from sunny South Africa. It’s been beautiful here and even though it’sImage considered winter it’s been in the seventies most days. My new book Blood Brothers is now available on Check it out, it’s the sequel to Behind the Closet Door so if you enjoyed that one, you’ll like this one. Cheers! 


New Book Blood Brothers by Shari Rood released today

My new book Blood Brothers is out today. It is the sequel to Behind the Closet Door. You can get it at my publisher and at the end of June it will be available at Barnes&Noble and

Henry Peterson is trying to change his ways. After his escape from the nightmare he created in Virginia, He is turning over a new leaf. After committing one last crime as a favor to Rex Roland, he heads to Florida.

He meets a pretty girl named Shelby and they hit it off. He’s happy for the first time in ages and relieved that his tortured past is staying in the basement where it belongs. The sunny weather, Shelby’s friendship and her dog Misty, all seem to help Henry become a better person and keep his inner demons at bay. The voices have stopped as well as most of the nightmares.

Wyatt Courtland is an eleven year old boy on the run. He’s on a quest to find the brother that doesn’t even know he exists. Wyatt has always carried the burden of rumors and speculation that his Dad is somehow tied up with Tom Willin who later changed his name to Henry Peterson. Finally his Dad admits that Henry and Wyatt are brothers. Wyatt is an extraordinary boy whose lucid dreams sometimes predict the future. He uses these dreams to help him find the person he thinks will lead him to Henry, ex-cop Rex Roland.