Writing, Writing, and More Writing

I don’t know what it is about fall. Suddenly my energy level goes up, my annoyance level goes down and I feel inspired to write. I just recently noticed that four of my five books take place in the fall. I finally figured out it’s because that’s when I write most of them. In the long, dark, cold winter comes re-writes and then a spring mania of editing. It’s the circle of life.

So, I’ve just published a new book. Instead of publicizing it, I’ve started on the fourth sequel in the series. This is why hardly anyone has heard of me. My parents have although they haven’t read my books. Sigh… Why is it that family can be so weird? I gave a copy of Through the Cane Fields to my Mom and she was so proud and happy that she put it right on her bookshelf and it’s been there ever since.

So, the new book is really fun and I hope those who read it will enjoy it. It’s a thriller but not too heavy. It’s like the series is getting lighter with each book. The first one, Behind the Closet Door, was quite the somber little tale about a guy named Henry who after being jilted, locks his girlfriend in the closet. The whole thing takes place over a rainy weekend.

The second book, Blood Brothers has a faster pace. My husband Rog likes that one best. I’m partial to the first one, but that’s probably because I love writing Henry. He’s a fantastically creepy character to write. In the second one, Henry’s little brother Wyatt who is only eleven goes on a search to find the brother he’s never met.

The latest book called Wyatt is about Henry’s little brother who is now grown up and working as a cop in Lakeland, the fictional town where the series takes place. He gets caught up in a cold case and re-connects with Henry who helps him. I enjoyed writing this one a lot and as with all the others, it takes place in the fall.

The new one I’m writing now will be called Dear Prudence. It will be a departure from the others in the sense that it is written in the first person from the perspective of the main character, Prudence Ravenswood. It’s definitely the lightest of the four and is more of a mainstream fiction novel rather than a thriller. I’ve finished the first draft and am now fleshing out some stuff. Guess what? It also takes place in the fall. I think I’ve just had an Ephiny.

So, pick up a copy of Wyatt and let me know what you think. Even better, leave a review on Amazon if you can.

Also, to all you authors out there, I am totally open to a review swap. I’ll send you my book if you send me yours. Email me and we’ll talk about it at shariandbodie@gmail.com. I think it’s a fun idea and we’ll see what happens. It’ll be totally honest feedback. If I think your book is not worth at least three stars, I’ll email before I leave a review.

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day. May you have a lovely fall full of pumpkin flavored everything.

Here’s the link to Wyatt.

Cheers, Shari



New Book! Wyatt.

My new book is out at last and I’m already busy working on the next one. I love to write, it makes me feel alive and it gives me that rare opportunity in life to do what I want no matter what anyone thinks. Still, I hope you’ll enjoy it. If you haven’t read the first in the series, it’s called Behind the Closet Door. The second one is called Blood Brothers and the new one is called Wyatt. I’ve added the link below if you’re interested. Here’s an excerpt from the book.

Wyatt sat by the edge of the creek on a large boulder
watching the trout. They were just out of reach, their
spotty sides shimmering in the afternoon sunlight. He was
distracted and a bit disappointed that his work had
followed him out here, and on such a beautiful day.
Wyatt was thinking about his name at the moment. He
realized that he didn’t hate it the way he used to. A leaf
fell into the water and circled around like a little boat
caught in a storm. He cast his line and the fish scattered.
He chuckled and went back to his thoughts.
His name had been difficult for him to accept because
of where it came from. When he was a boy, he’d gone on
a search for the truth about his past. It seemed strange to
dislike something that was such an integral part of who he
was. “What’s in a name?” he said and looked thoughtfully
at the water. If not for his past, he probably wouldn’t have
given it a second thought. It defined him, even though
most new age gospel would have said you shouldn’t let it.
Wyatt figured anyone who ate tofu couldn’t be trusted
He was working on a new case and it wasn’t going
well. He’d had three recent successes and at twenty-three,
he had been gearing up for a promotion. Instead he got a
transfer. He learned a hard life lesson. Sometimes, if you
rise up too quickly, someone will beat you back down. He
never saw it coming.