Awesome Pottery Studio For Sale

Note: It’s sold beautiful people.


Hi all, I just wanted to mention something here on this site since it will be a great thing for the right person. My Husband and I are selling our pottery studio. It is in a really cool place known as Yogaville. If you haven’t heard of Yogaville, Google it, it’s a very interesting place. It’s located in Virginia.


Beautifully built Studio on over three acres of land

This lovely studio is situated in the heart of Yogaville. It offers privacy, surrounded by woods but is also walking distance to all the venues at Yogaville, including meditation Hall, dining Hall, dorms and more.

This property is unique and will need the right person. The building is stick built, slab construction. However, there is no well and septic. When we built it, we lived in the house nearby. It has been perked for a septic system and there is also another building site on the property. This is perfect for someone who knows construction and can add a bathroom and the well and septic or for someone who wants to get creative by installing composting toilets and other off the grid measures.


There is electric. The building is fully wired and lighted. There is also a wood stove and propane heat.

Here is a link to my author page. I’ve posted a video of the studio if you’d like to take a look. Email me at if you’d like more information. It’s a really nice place for a really good price. This would make a great starter home for someone wanting to live out in the country and yet be near a spiritual community. It is located in Buckingham Virginia. Walking distance to Yogaville.



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