Spring is coming!

Can you feel it?


Well, technically I can’t really feel it yet because it’s still February and with my seasonal depression it is usually the end of March before I finally come out of the sluggish fuzzy brain haze that saps my energy and will.

Still, I am hopeful!


I am dreaming of warm weather. Wait, it’s not a dream because it’s 78 degrees in Virginia today. The window is open and I love it. It does feel a bit weird though. My sluggish brain is having trouble computing all this warmth. The trees outside are starting to bud and the birds are all singing.


I’m starting to remember past trips like this one to the Cape in South Africa. The memory feels vivid and happy and not as far away and muffled as it was in January.


So if you are like me, just remember that Spring is just around the corner. Be good to yourself. You are the only you you have.