New Article on Tuning Forks and Sound Healing

Hi all, I’ve just had a new article published in The Echo World Magazine. It’s about tuning forks.

Here’s the link:


The set I use most is a color-coded set that matches the chakras. These are weighted body tuners. You strike the weighted end and place the narrow end on the body. The sound resonates and creates a feeling of relaxation and harmony.

I’ve been using these for awhile and have had good results with them. They are especially helpful with sleep issues, stress and even pain management.


I find they help during a Reiki session to help amplify the energy. Read the article to find out more information and as always, feel free to email me if you’d like to have an in-person Reiki session or a distance session.


I hope everyone is enjoying the summer! It’s my favorite time of year.


I just went to our local Lavender farm the other day with Rog and a good friend who had never been. Is there anything better than smelling fresh cut lavender? There was a storm and a deluge which sent us running for the nearby wine tasting shop. We sat under the tin roof listening to the rain and then as it stopped, the air was filled with the most incredible scent.





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